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Xuzhou Dahua Glass Products Co., Ltd. is the largest glass bottle manufacturing plant in Xuzhou, and one of the top 500 China鈥檚 packaging enterprises. Our company is currently the domestic glass industry鈥檚 most advanced glass technology research and production enterprise. For many years, we have been recognized for quality reputation and brand image in the market. Dahua has established solid partnerships with many customers at home and abroad. Our marketing footprints spread all over the country.

Plant products: 

A variety of solid liquid series, series of red wine, honey bottle series, food bottles series, seasoning bottles series, family medicine bottle, the bottle series, vinegar sauce series, bird鈥檚 nest series, pickles series, Jam series, perfume bottles series, cosmetics bottles, Candles Cup series, bottle series, glass bottles from 20ml --- 1000ml above

More than 1,500 varieties of products and design specifications are available. We can also process in accordance with customers鈥?requirements.


(1) ----- Quality in the industry. We focus on and maintain the quality of the most stable, most white-color material, and the best finish. 

(2) ----- Technology. A full-time designer sample processing, without changing the appearance of the product to expand or shrink! 

(3) ----- Owned subsidiaries of the joint ventures: cap factory, mold plant, carton plant, Kao Hua plants, and Frosting factories

(4) ----- Credibility in the industry. We focus on, especially the credibility of the best suppliers. 

(5) ----- Capacity to undertake orders of over 1 million pieces. Free for export clearance issues. 

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