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Glass manufacturers should actively promote energy saving
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For the glass manufacturers, the current main task of energy saving is definitely not a subject. Whether it is the relevant departments of the government to give the strong indicators or glass manufacturers for cost control needs, are not around the energy saving. This is the glass bottle business and social class must be involved in the continuous development.

For the glass bottle business, although energy saving is very important, but this is a complex process of the system, for the glass manufacturers, the need to invest some experience and time and labor costs to solve this problem. From raw material procurement to power consumption, water consumption, gas consumption. Glass bottles from the melting furnace to clarify the beginning, the distribution of material, for the material, molding temperature, polishing heat loss, annealing furnace outlet, is a degree from the degree of about the physical cooling process. These parts of the improvement of each part of the energy saving have a great role in promoting.

But every part of the manufacturers need to improve the glass manufacturers need to improve the existing system, the initial need to be certain commitment to hope that our glass manufacturers from the long-term perspective, to actively follow up.