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Glass bottles enterprises to rely on technological innovation out of the woods
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Glass packaging in the past for a long time, many manufacturers are pessimistic, that the glass packaging market is shrinking. Coupled with the rise in labor costs, the relevant departments for environmental monitoring and supervision is growing.

However, the glass bottle as a safe and stable packaging materials, as people for the plastic bottle packaging skeptical more and more, glass bottle packaging regression trend is obvious, in fact, glass packaging itself has a tenacious viability, Especially in the wine packaging and high-end cosmetics and other packaging areas, plastic and other forms of packaging almost did not enter the field of glass packaging. A lot of glass manufacturers only feel the powerless, the key lies in the glass bottle of product innovation did not work hard. We all know that the glass bottle market is very obvious product homogeneity, manufacturers often can only rely on mutual pressure between the order to get orders. This is obviously a vicious circle of competition. Relevant information shows that the global glass industry leader in Italy Paulo Group in accelerating close to the Chinese market. The reason why the company has been able to quickly enter the competition has been very intense domestic glass bottle market, it is their glass bottle lightweight small mouth blowing technology has a leading position. So the domestic glass manufacturers want to get out of the woods, the key lies in breaking the dilemma.