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Hand machine and assembly line of the wide range of glass bottles difference
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Wide mouth glass bottles in the production, there are many handmade machine (also foot pedal hand-made small mouth bottle process), and the pipeline two production processes, different processes, prices are different, many customers do not understand, but also do not understand, its The specific differences are:

1, hand machine wide mouth glass bottles, due to manual operation, because of the different operators, the results and quality of the product will be different, especially obvious in the bottom of the jar, uniformity varies from person to person, but A single variety of operation time will be improved, and the pipeline is different from the computer numerical control program control of the machine parameters and the number of bottles will be very accurate and accurate, and make the product finish, uniformity and the bottom of the crescent line is clear, Very beautiful, suitable for high-volume pipeline container filling, can improve the production capacity, output efficiency.

2, hand machine production process in the operation will appear wide mouth veneer or not in place, not real, made wide mouth bottle hole uniformity will be very different, but the manual operation will be due to individual bottles And will be more flexible than the assembly line, so as to achieve the product line can not make the effect.

3, hand machine mold is more open with a handle, the bottle of the stereotypes cooling and mold line with the gas sooner or later opening and closing mold time sooner or later and will be affected, the pipeline is different, the mold vent and opening and closing Time is very accurate, the product stereotypes have little effect, make the product mold line will be very small.

4, hand-machine production process on the production site and the production time is not high, can be very flexible to meet the needs of small single-volume customers, mold production time is short, the cost of small investment, but also hand-machine technology has been welcomed by the manufacturer of glass One, and the pipeline will be on the production site and the number of products have certain requirements.

5, now a lot of glass production plant, will be installed in the same furnace handmade machine and pipeline two processes, so as to achieve complementary production, the maximum production efficiency, to meet the needs of different customers.